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Honor Roll: Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Park, Waterford, New York

The Village of Waterford is the oldest incorporated village in the U.S., having been formed in 1794. It lies within the Town of Waterford (all New York counties are further subdivided into towns) and is known as the gateway to the Erie Canal as the first five locks were located in the Town of Waterford. Those locks raised boats from 15.2 feet above sea level to 180 feet, the greatest vertical distance in the world and the feat was accomplished over a distance of 1.5 miles.

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Park is off Broad Street between the Hudson river and First Street.

Entrance to the park which faces the Hudson River; personal collection

Waterford honor roll for the Civil War and World War I; personal collection

Civil War

Benjamin Bace
George Black
Joseph Black
Sylvester E. Black
Hirum Clute
Patrick Conway
James H. Gittings
John E. Henry
William Henry
Larence Higgins
James I. House
Edward L. Indson
Charles Moat
John Murray
Samuel Peters
J. G. Porter
Michael Rodn
Oliver Shaw
Charles W. Shepard
Duane Shepard
Aluring B. Usher
Timothy B. Vanderkar
Leonard Vanderwerken
John H. Vanderwerker
Jeremiah Welch
Lewis B. Wells
John Wright

World War I

Charles J. Brady
John W. Briggs
Clarence G. Coons
Frank Curtin
George B. Lambert
Vincent Lanahan
William J. Rocheleau
Ralph Spinks

Town of Waterford
June 10, 1989

Waterford honor roll for World War II, Korea, and Vietnam; personal
World War II

Maurice Baillargeon
Charles Benardo
Robert R. Brisson
Milton Bryk
Dominick T. Cassella
Eugene Chouiniere
Donald J. Cramer
Victor H. De Voe
Eugene Di Tommaso
Edmund F. Gould
Leland E. Hazzard
Robert Hicks
Robert J. Kidwell
Eugene Lessard
Charles H. Malpass
John S. Orloff
Albert C. Parker
Joseph Scarchilli
Edward J. Sorensen
Joseph M. Verchereau


Roy E. Gamache
George H. Hamilton
William F. Hill


Louis V. Daigle
William W. Dziarcak
Frank J. Hutchins
Thomas E. Jourdanais

Town of Waterford
June 10, 1989

Names have been alphabetized.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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