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Honor Roll: Berkshire County (Massachusetts) Vietnam War Memorial

Memorial Park is in the center of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, the county seat of Berkshire County. At the east end of the park is the county's Vietnam War Memorial.

Vietnam War Memorial 1961-1975; personal collection

Vietnam War Memorial 1961-1975

Dedicated to the men and
women from Berkshire
County during the Vietnam
War and in memory of
those who gave their

"To those who died
honor and eternal rest.
To those still in bondage
remembrance and hope,
to hose who returned.
Gratitude and peace."

Berkshire County Vietnam War Memorial; personal collection

Berkshire County Remembers

Aldam, Kevin G.
Benjamin, Gary T.
Bissaillon, Francis H.
Borey, David C.
Casey, Michael J.
Coakley, William F.
Conner, Paul A.
Cook, Peter A.
Cronk, Paul M., Jr.
Cummings, Charles H.
Davis, Richard S., Jr.
Foote, Peter W.
Hartlage, John P., III
Hayes, Tristan W.
Henneberry, James C.
Jaquins, Charles E.
Jarvis, Edward C.
Krzynowek, Paul S.
Luscier, Howard H.
Malloy, John J.
Muraca, Patrick J.
Pratt, John L.
Roulier, Russell R.
Shufelt, George J.
Termini, James M.
Whalen, Michael C.
Witanek, Chester L., Jr.

Names have been alphabetized by surname.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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