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Honor Roll: Town of Otis (Massachusetts) World War II Honor Roll

Otis, Massachusetts, is a town in Berkshire, the westernmost county in the commonwealth. In front of the library and museum building is the Otis World Ward II Honor Roll Memorial.

World War II Honor Roll in the Town of Otis, Massachusetts, personal

Dedicated to those
Men and women living or dead
who have served and are
serving in any branch of the
armed forces of the United
States of America from the
Town of Otis. A sincere thanks
to all those for keeping
our country and others free.

In honor of
the men and women of
who served their country
in World War II

Barton, George R.
Barton, William E., Jr.
Besaw, Paul L.
Bittman, Louis M.
Bliven, Francis L.
Bristol, Norman R.
Budner, Silas
Cowell, Ray D.
Cowell, Leon A.
Crittendon, Richard H.
Crittendon, William S.
Dillman, George F.
Edwards, Thomas G.
Gage, Charles B.
Gage, Daniel W.
Hall, Arnold D.
Harrington, Reginald J.
Hood, Edward P.
Hood, Howard D.
Jones, Clifford E.
Judson, William D., Jr.
Kaminsky, Alexander
Kaminsky, Kenneth
Kaminsky, Ray
Langdon, George W.
Moberg, David E.
O'Donnell, John H.
Pelletier, Harvey
Perry, William P.
Pillman, Howard J.
Pyenson, Maxwell
Snow, Lawrence
Somes, Barbara J.
Soule, Robert L., Jr.
Tacy, Donald D.
Tacy, Elwin N.
Tacy, Nelson C.
Tacy, William P., Jr.
Worden, Ralph R.

The names have been alphabetized by surname.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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