Friday, May 20, 2016

Honor Roll: Town of Sharpsburg (Maryland) Patriot Memorial

As my husband and I were driving through Sharpsburg, Maryland, on a beautiful, 70+-degree day in December on our way to the Antietam National Cemetery, I spotted a memorial monument in front of the town hall.

Patriot Memorial in Sharpsburg, Maryland; personal collection

Erected by
Citizens of
Sharpsburg Dist.
In recognition of the
Patriotism shown by
All, who answered our
Country's call in the
World War
1917 -- 1919

C. Elmer Benner
Bentley H. Benner
Everett Benner
*Alvey Benner
Samuel H. Bender
Samuel J. W. Burtner
William H. Boyer
Otha Burgas
Milton Cook
*Lloyd Crampton
Henry W. Crampton
Arthur H. Dorsey
*Earl Gardner
Oliver F. Grice
Earl Gross
George R. Herbert
Carny H. L. Hoffmaster
Leon E. Highberger
Earl Hetzel
John Hetzel
Howell Hetzel
Thomas G. Houser
Walter Jamison
Raymond Jamison
Charles R. D. Knode
Gardner H. Knode
Peter S. Kretzer
Harry N. Kretzer
Oliver Kretzer
Allen F. Liskey
John Lowman
Arthur Gordon Mellot
Noah W. Mills
Clarence Monroe
John Monroe
William D. Monroe
Thomas J. Moore
Charles Mose
Lester M. Mose
John T. Murphy
John W. Myers
Harry Payton
George W. Otzelberger, Jr.
J. Evans Poffenberger
Clyde A. Powell
Russell F. Powell
*Howell Reel
Lester J. Reel
Victor Alfred Reel
Ralph D. Renner
Ralph R. Ritter
Roy R. Row
Leo M. Smith
John D. E. Starliper
Arthur Stottlemeyer
*C. Russell Stull
Bertram Swain
James B. Tall
Charles E. Thomas
Gardner Tucker
Enoch Earl Vickers

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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