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Honor Roll: Mecklenburg County (Virginia) Veterans Memorial

The Mecklenburg County, Virginia, Veterans Memorial is located in Clarksville, Virginia, which is located on Buggs Island Lake, a 50,000-acre man-made lake which built to bring electricity to the area and control flooding along the Roanoke River. Clarksville was incorporated in 1818. Settlers flocked to the area as the soil was so good for growing tobacco. By 1832 it was recognized as one of the fastest growing towns in Virginia. The Clarksville Tobacco Market was considered so important to the commonwealth's economy, the Roanoke Navigation Company was formed to transport tobacco to Petersburg. Now the town is known for its historic district, which includes many 18th, 19th and early 20th century buildings and for recreational opportunities on the lake and nearby Occoneechee State Park.

Clarksville, Virginia, Veterans Memorial Park; personal collection

Center of the memorial wall; photograph
courtesy  of Lake Country Online

Revolutionary War

Andrews, William
Booker, Richard
Boswell, Robert
Burton, Hutchins
Burton, Noel H.
Singleton, Christopher
Smith, Robert
Thomas, John

War of 1812

Barbee, William
Bland, John
Ferguson, Joseph
Scott, George L.
Waller, Edward

Mexican War

Drumright, Green
Love, Hugh

Civil War

Adams, Robert L.
Allgood, John D.
Ames, Thomas S.
Apple, Lewis C
Arnold, P. H.
Bailey, William T.
Baisey, Mark A.
Baisey, Thomas L.
Banks, Hartwell R.
Barbour, William T.
Baskerville, George T.
Belcher, James
Bennett, James P.
Bennett, Silas J.
Bevel, James T.
Binford, James L.
Binford, Rowland G.
Bowen, James E.
Bowen, Richard F.
Bowen, Thomas J.
Bowers, Giles S.
Boyd, Francis W.
Boyd, John B. 
Bracey, Andrew J.
Bracey, John R.
Brame, John B.
Brame, Peter W.
Brewer, John
Brooks, Benjamin
Brummell, Adomium D.
Bugg, Robert H.
Bugg, William H.
Burnett, Edwin H.
Burroughs, Robert 
Burton, James
Burton, Paul G.
Burton, Robert
Burton, Samuel G.
Burwell, Charles S.
Burwell, John S.
Burwell, Richard B.
Byasee, John
Carter, Edmund T.
Carter, Hillard W.
Carter, Robert A.
Carter, Robert H.
Chandler, William H.
Clack, Richard H.
Clarke, Reuben H.
Cleaton, John G. 
Cleaton, Thomas P.
Cliborne, Howell M.
Cliborne, John
Cole, Isaac B.
Cole, William T.
Coleman, Augustus H.
Coleman, C. A.
Coleman, Conrad P.
Coleman, Samuel T.
Coleman, William B.
Coley, Richard C.
Collis, James R.
Cook, James R., Jr.
Cook, James R., Sr.
Cook, Thomas
Cooper, Edmund
Couch, John S.
Cox, Edward
Cox, Eli
Cox, Elijah H.
Cox, Peter B.
Cox, Thomas 
Cox, William E.
Creedle, Drury P.
Crow, Benjamin L.
Crow, R. H.
Crow, William E.
Crowder, George G.
Crowder, Green A.
Crowder, Henderson
Crowder, Jams H.
Crowder, R. S.
Crowder, Wesley D.
Crowder, William
Crutchfield, John R.
Crute, Samuel V
Culbreath, John
Cumbie, William E.
Cunningham, James
Curtis, Benjamin F.
Curtis, Green
Curtis, James C
Curtis, Jasper J.
Curtis, Robert L.
Curtis, William E.
Daniel, William
Davis, H. M.
Davis, John B.
Davis, Rufus W.
Davis, William S. Jr.
Dedman, Thomas J.
Dedman, William H.
Dodson, Benjamin F.
Doggett, Asa D.
Drumwright, James R.
Dunkley, Charles H.
Easley, Frederick B.
Edmondson, Edward P.
Elam, Richard
Elam, Thomas F.
Elliott, John 
Ellis, Andrew J.
Ellixson, James B.
Evans, James J.
Evans, Robert H.
Evans, Wilson E.
Ezell, Benjamin J.
Ezell, John W.
Farrar, John P.
Fields, John S
Fitts, Robert
Floyd, William
Floyd, Wyatt
Forlines, George P.
Forlines, Hiram
Forlines, J. R.
Garner, James A. 
Garner, John L.
Garner, William A. 
Gayle, Peter A.
Gee. Benjamin C.
Gee, Jesse
Gee, Leonidas
George, Matthew
Gilchrist, Alexander J.
Gillispie, Richard O.
Glasscock, James Jr.
Glasscock, James Sr.
Glasscock, Thomas B.
Godsey, William H.
Gold, Charles T.
Goode, James
Goode, William O. II
Gordon, Charles G.
Graves, Madison
Green, Eli T.
Gregory, Richard H.
Griffin, Andrew J.
Griffin, Cornelius
Griffin, William L.
Guy, James
Hampton, R. F.
Hardy, Thomas J. 
Harold, Daniel B.
Harris, Richard
Harris, Samuel T.
Harris, William O
Harvey, John H
Haskins, John L.
Hendrick, Joseph B
Hendrick, Robert L.
Higgins, Edmund K.
Hite, William O.
Hodges, Daniel
House, Alexander W.
House, George W., Jr.
House, George W., Sr. 
House, James O.
House, Marcelles
House, R. J.
Hunter, William H.
Hutcherson, J. H.
Hutcherson, William A.
Hutcheson, John V.
Hutcheson, John W.
Insco, Isaac
Insco, Robert O.
Jackson, Charles S.
Jackson, Robert A.
Jackson, William C.
James, Richard
Jefferson, George
Jeffries, Henry G.
Jeter, William D. A.
Johnson, Benjamin G. 
Johnson, James W. 
Johnson, John
Johnson, John H.
Johnson, John L. 
Jones. James Y.
Jones, Thomas B.
Jones, Thomas J.
Jones, William H.
Jones, Williamson
Keeter, James 
Kidd, Bartlett M.
Lambert, Andrew J.
Lambert, William H.
Langley, William
Lawson, John S.
Lawson, William J.
Leaker, W. D,
Legin, Alexander
Lett, Thomas B.
Lipscomb, Alpheus B.
Loafman, George W.
Loafman, Hillary H.
Lyle, Samuel
Malone, Clairborne
Mason, Robert F.
Matthews, Alexander K.
Matthews, J. Kemp
Matthews, John H.
Mayfield, John W.
McCan, Reuben
McGuire, Benjamin H.
Meachum, Lewis A.
Moore, Henry M.
Moore, John B.
Morgan, Williiam G
Morris, Daniel J.
Morris, John G.
Moseley, Edwin J.
Mosely, W. J.
Murray, R. A.
Murray, Thomas
Nash, David H.
Neal, William R.
Nelson, Thomas B.
Nelson, William G.
Netherly, James W.
Netherly, Richard T.
Newton, Henderson
Newton, James J.
Newton, John 
Nicholson, Richard H.
Norwood, Bennett
Norwood, Jesse
Oliver, John M.
Oliver, William M.
Overbey, David B.
Overbey, Patrick H.
Owen, C. M.
Owen, R. T.
Owen, William J.
Painter, James O. K.
Parham, George L.
Patillo, Samuel G.
Patillo, William A
Pearson, John J. D.
Phillips, Bird P.
Phillips, John T.
Phillips, Samuel S.
Piercy, Samuel C
Piercy, Thomas
Pinson, Allen 
Pool, John E. P.
Powers, John W.
Prulley, Hutchins M.
Pully, Richard H.
Puryear, Benjamin F.
Puryear, Giles R.
Puryear, J. P.
Puryear, James A.
Puryear, John A.
Puryear, John J.
Puryear, John R.
Puryear, Reuben A.
Puryear, Richard H.
Puryear, Ruffin
Puryear, Rufus A.
Puryear, William H.
Puryear, William M.
Rainey, Herebert B
Rainey, John J. 
Rainey, Joseph N.
Rainey, Madison L.
Rainey, Mathew J.
Rainey, P. L.
Ramsey, Chappel
Ramsey, Warren 
Ramsey, William B.
Read, Thomas A.
Reamey, W. Asbury
Reese, Edmund
Reese, Joseph M.
Reese Matthew A.
Reese, Sylvanus
Rice, Jesse
Riggins, Edward T.
Roberts, Anderson H.
Roberts, David J.
Roberts, John J.
Roberts, Joseph
Roberts, Samuel P.
Robertson, Henry 
Roffe, Charles S.
Russell, J. William
Ryland, William H.
Saddler, Archer C.
Scott, Robert G.
Scott, William W.
Sculthorpe, A. M.
Simmons, Benjamin W.
Simmons, Robert H.
Singleton, George W.
Sizemore, Eli D.
Smith, Albert J.
Smith, Edward A.
Smith, George W.
Smith, John A.
Smith, William A. 
Smith, William C.
Smith, William H.
Smithson, Percy S.
Stegall, George W.
Stone, William 
Strange, John A.
Summerhill, James
Talley, Peyton R.
Talley, William J.
Tanner, Andrew J.
Tanner, John E.
Taylor, H. C. 
Taylor, Isaac H.
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, Robert A.
Taylor, Robert J.
Terrell, Thomas 
Tharp, William S.
Thomas, Benjamin J.
Thomas, Charles W.
Thomas, John O.
Thomas, Robert W.(i)
Thomas, Robert W.(ii)
Thomas, William D.
Thomason, Andrew J.
Thomason, Joseph R.
Thompson, George W.
Thompson, Green
Thompson, Richard C.
Thompson, Robert H.
Thompson, Thomas C.
Tisdale, Christopher C.
Toone, John R.
Tucker, George T.
Tucker, John M.
Tucker, William R.
Tudor, William H.
Vaughan, James T.
Vaughan, John
Vaughan, John L.
Vaughan, Martin
Vaughan, Peter G.
Vaughan, William J.
Vaughn, Enoch
Wade, William
Wagstaff, W. K.
Walker, Alfred W.
Walker, Benjamin W. L.
Walker, Charles E.
Walker, James M. 
Walker, John B.
Walker, M. H.
Walker, Robert W.
Waller, Isaac D. 
Waller, John J.
Watkins, Alfred W.
Watkins, Henry S.
Watkins, James M.
Watkins, John D.
Watkins, Joseph W
Watson, J. L.
Watson, Littleberry Jr.
Weaver, James
Webb, Thaddeus P. 
Webb, William E. 
Wells, James T.
West, John 
White, Hugh L.
White, William H.
Whittemore, Archer P.
Whittemore, William H.
Wilkins, William R.
Willard, Benjamin B.
Williams, Henderson S.
Williamson, Edmund J.
Williamson, William
Wilson, James 
Wilson, William G.
Winckler, Matthew T.
Winfree, John J.
Winn, Horatio
Winn, James W.
Wood, W. G.
Wortham, George H.
Wright, Albert J.
Wright, Amasa P.
Wright, James A.
Wynne, William H.
Yancey, A. C.
Yancey, Joseph S.
Yancey, William H.

World War I

Alexander, Robert M.
Allen, Leftwich P.
Barnett, Alva B.
Blanks, S. Bernard 
Bryant, A. Dudley
Burwell, Leftwich P.
Burwell, Samuel L.
Cook, Adolphus
Cox, John W.
Crews, Eddie B.
Dailey, Charlie I.
Eastwood, Henry
Epperson, Edward A.
Fowlkes, Herbert W.
Gregory, Mack
Harper, Gee
Harper, George 
Harper, Langston
Harris, William H.
Hester, Benton R.
Hester, Hazel W.
Hightower, A. Logan
Homes, Peter P.
Hubbard, Rufus R.
Hughes, James B.
Jeffress, Barnwell
Johnson, Henry E.
Jones, Percy H.
Jones, Perry
Payne, Maurice L.
Pecke, Burnwell M.
Pettus, John D.
Puryear, Wilton S.
Riggans, Julian D.
Rinda, Eddie
Rockwell,, William L.
Russell, Robert
Sculthorpe, Thomas L.
Short, Mitchell
Smith, Graham M.
Stewart, Bryce W.
Stone, Sam
Tanner, Thomas A.
Taylor, Charlie L.
Thomas, Frank
Tillerson, Willie B.
Tudor, Otis C.
Wagstaff, R. Earl
Walker, Moses 
Walton, Mevin A.
Wells, Ernest P.
Winn, James E.
Yancey, Arthur L.
Zabel, Emil F.

World War II

Allen, Lloyd T.
Allgood, Eddie W.
Ashworth, Garland B.
Baisey, Dillard B. Jr.
Blalock, Geroge T.
Brown, Ralph B.
Buchanan, Amos R.
Bunn, James W.
Burton, James E.
Bushell, Albert M.
Cabaniss, Walter A.
Carey, Samuel D.
Carter, Charles Jr.
Clark, Hammie B. Jr.
Clarke, Arthur N.
Cole, Joseph N.
Collier, Allan T. 
Cooper, Clarence L.
Crowe, Johnnie W.
Crowe, William H.
Davis, Scott
Douglas, William J.
Ezelle, William H.
Farrah, Kenneth E.
Gauldin, Calvin E.
Gordon, James S. Jr.
Gregory, Clarence J.
Gunn, John W.
Gurley, Durham
Hamilton, Harry P.
Hammond Stanley B.
Hatchell, Charles P.
Hayes, James E.
Hendrick, Cornelius B., Jr.
Hendrick, Edward
Herndon, James C., Jr.
Hite, Jesse Jr.
Hoyle, John L.
Hudson, Arnold G.
Hudson, Samuel G.
Jackson, Carl W.
Jarrell, Jessie F.
Johnson, Lawrence H.
Jones, Douglas H.
Jones, Thomas B
King, Hailey W.
Kizer, Walter F.
Lambert, Willie B.
Leach, William A.
Lipscomb, Henry P.
Lockett, Thomas P.
McGuire, George E.
McNeely, Carlton W.
Meredith, Willie A.
Mills, Henry W.
Moore, Albert A.
Morse, Clarence G.
Newell, Carlton S., Jr.
Newton, Hammett Jr.
Newton, Irby L.
Northington, John A.
Oliver, Jesse
Page, George A.
Park, Robert A.
Perks, Charles L.
Ragland, Julian C.
Robertson, John H.
Ross, Ned
Sizemore, Andrew G
Sizemore, Thomas W.
Stembridge, James W. 
Stone, Herman L.
Taylor, James P.
Thomas, Warren H., Jr.
Thomas, Alfred
Thompson, Henry T., Jr.
Tuck, Andrew J.
Tuck, Robert C. 
Tudor, Charles A.
Vaden, Robert L.
Vaughn, William P., Jr.
Walters, Edison H.
Watson, James H
Webb, John L.
Wilmoth, Johnnie R., Jr.
Wilmoth, Reubin M.
Wilson, C. Harvey
Wood, Donald E.
Wooden, Warren W.
Wortman, Sidney F., Jr.
Wright, Ollie M.
Wright, Silas M.
Yeates, Mahlon R.
Young, Beltram W.
Young, Winfred H.


Hall, Earl L. Sr.
Harrison, Shirlee D
King, Thomas W.
Long, R. Sidney
Moore, Raymond L.
Peebles. Cecil M.
Simmons, Billy L.
Simmons, Robert J., Jr.
Winckler, James F.


Bing, Allen L.
Blanks, Tony P.
Buchanan, Charlie B. Jr.
Burton, Fred D.
Clark, Danny T.
Coghill, Milo B.
Daniel, Charles L.
Dunn, Morris G.
Harris, Jackie L.
King, Robert L.
McKinney, David L.
Morris, Gilbert
Parrish, Samuel J.
Stovall, Calvin
Tapp, Marshall L.
Thomas, Wilson D.
Venable, Westovel
Watkins, Charles H., Jr.
Williams, Christopher

War on Terrorism

Billings, Robert J.
Dix, William T.
Newton, Michael A.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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