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Honor Roll: Prince William County (Virginia) Freedom Park

Prince William County, Virginia, was formed in 1731 from the western portion of Stafford County as well as part of King George County. It originally included all of what became Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, and Loudoun counties. It was named for Prince William, Duke of Cumberland, the third son of King George II. The county seat is Manassas, but Freedom Park and two war memorials within the park are located at the county administration complex in Woodbridge.

War Memorial

Freedom Park is located on the grounds of the County Administration Complex at One Country Court in Woodbridge. The War Memorial was dedicated on Memorial Day in 1992 to recognize those from Prince William County who gave their lives during World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. In 2005 the county worked with local veterans to find the best way to honor those who had given their lives in the Middle East. The names of the more recent heroes have been engraved on the opposite face of the memorial.

Prince William County War Memorial honoring those heroes who lost their
lives in time of war; personal collection

World War I

Athey, Fewell
Bailey Carrington
Beavers, Maurice
Berry, John
Blackwell, John
Blight, John C.
Cornwell, Melvin
Cornwell, Vernard
Corum, Hugh
Crawford, Archer
Dodd, McKinley
Fair, Randolph W.
Garner, Wilson D.
Green, Frank
Hatcher, Harry
Herring, Perry
Jones, Champ L.
Lake, M. M.
Lynch, G. O.
Mayhugh, Clarkson
Nickens, William
Ross, Eugene
Saffer, William
Saunders, Lewis
Smith, Omer
Varner, Mebourne
Varyer, Malvern
Whetzel, Floyd
Williams, Kemp

World War II

Abel, Lester C.
Anderson, Frank W.
Anderson, Joseph M.
Anderson, William T.
Ayres, G. Hawkes, Jr.
Bailey, Wilford C.
Bayne, John W.
Bean, Richard N.
Beavers, Paul J.
Bell, Winter P.
Brown, William M.
Browning, Frank P., Jr.
Cannon, Francis H.
Cauley, Calvin M.
Cocke, Robert N.
Colford, Whitson P.
Collins, Arthur C.
Corbin, Clarence R.
Correll, Carl E., Jr.
Crawford, Howard E., Jr.
Crouch, Maurice
Crouch, Willie T.
Ellis, Robert G.
Ellison, Harry M.
Everhart, James H.
Gaddess, John B., Jr.
Grimes, Charlie E.
Hawkins, Claggett H.
Hedges, Daniel H.
Hendricks, James H., Jr.
Jennings, Alfred L.
Kelly, Harry C.
Kidd, Robert E.
Lewis, Robert A.
May, James
McCuen, Carl R.
Miller, Marion R.
Monaghan, Tomyns D.
Mooney, William J.
Mountjoy, Woodrow, W.
Nelson, Edwin R.
Newton, Alva L.
Oertly, James B.
Oertly, Richard R.
Patterson, Roy M.
Patton, Clyde A.
Patton, Fred J.
Ragland, Robert L. Jr.
Reedy, Herman C.
Romjue, Ross E.
Sisson, Wilbur W.
Smith, Claude E.
Stefko, George
Tidwell, Jasper H.
Turner, William D.
Waite, Luther
Welsh, Harry D.
Wood, John M.
Wright, William M.


Brown, Warren R., Jr.
Cooney, Thomas E.
Fletcher, Edward M.
Fox, Alfred W.
Sisson, Joseph F., Jr.
Stuart, Jerome C.
Toone, Winfred B.
Tripp, William A.
Walters, David F.


Baldwin, Sanders R.
Blevins, Hugh B., Jr.
Carter, Reginald F., Jr.
Caspole, Ralph W.
Castle, Russell L.
Cressel, Terry W.
Dowd, John A.
Fiegle, Gerald W.
Hamilton, Charles H.
Howard, Eli P., Jr.
Howe, Thomas J.
Johnson, Dallas L.
Light, Everett E.
Mabe, Roger D.
McCauley, Wayland F., Jr.
Mitchem, Charles C.
Moore, David N.
Sevigny, George W.
Sorter, Michael V.
Urbani, Roger S.
Wright, James A.
Yates, Richard W.

Middle East (War on Terrorism)

Alexander, Leroy E.
Ansong, Theophilus K.
Bryant, Jack, Jr.
Callahan, Sean T.
Cutsforth, Sean R.
Cyr, Brandon L.
Davis, Anthony
Davis, Steven A.
Hall, Benjamin J.
Higgins, William R.
Kelly, Robert M.
Khan, Humayun S. M.
Letendre, Brian S.
McMaugh, Robert V.
Medina, Brian A.
Odell, Robert D.
Rivers, Frank K.
Ruhren, David A.
Shepherd, Kristopher L.
Spann, Johnny M.
Wolfe, Colin L.
Zangas, Robert L.

Liberty Memorial

The Liberty Memorial was dedicated on May 9, 2006 to recognize those who died on 11 September 2001. The shape of the reflecting pool and walkway recall the 184 lives lost at the Pentagon. The single stone to the left of the plaque is an original limestone block from the collapsed portion of the Pentagon. The two columns of water represent the 2,479 lives lost at the World Trade Center in New York City. The stone that encircles the fountain is Pennsylvania flagstone, a tribute to the 40 lives lost in Pennsylvania.

Prince William County lost 22 residents on 11 September 2001 -- 19 at the Pentagon and three in New York.

Liberty Memorial in Woodbridge, Virginia; personal collection

SFC John J. Chada, USA, Retired
SK3 Jamie L. Fallon, USN
Amelia V. Fields
LTC Robert J. Hymel, USAF, Retired
SGM Lacey B. Ivory, USA
Judith L. Jones
David W. Laychak
James T. Lynch, Jr.
Gene E. Maloy (NYC)
Robert J. Maxwell
Molly L. McKenzie
Craig J. Miller (NYC)
Diana B. Padro
Rhonda S. Rasmussen
Edward V. Rowenhorst
Judy Rowlett
Donald D. Simmons
Jeff L. Simpson (NYC)
Cheryle D. Sincock
ITC Greg H. Smallwood, USN
SGM Larry L. Strickland, USA
Sandra L. White

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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