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Honor Roll: Town of Berne (New York) World War II Honor Roll

South of Albany, New York, are the hill towns of southern Albany County. They include Berne, East Berne, Gallupville, Knox, and West Berne. It is beautiful rolling mountain country which includes many well maintained farms. Over 20 of the farm owners have painted what are called barn quilts on their barns or outbuildings. We downloaded a self-paced driving tour map and had a wonderful afternoon discovering this area of Albany county that seems a world away from the hustle and bustle of the state capital.

A "barn quilt" of the Dutch Puzzle design on a barn near Berne, New York;
personal collection

As we drove through the outskirts of Berne on Helderberg Trail (State Route 443), we passed the town park, which included a World War II Honor Roll.

Personal collection
Town of Berne World War II Honor Roll; personal collection

In honor of those that served our country
Town of Berne

World War II
Town of Berne
Honor Roll

Adams, Clark
Adams, Seth
Adriance, C.
Becker, Eugene
Bray, William
Breunig, Frank, Jr.
Brooks, Paul
Brown, Floyd
Brownell, Herbert
Brownell, Robert
Brownell, Wallace
Buckenberg, M.
Bunzey, Kenneth
Burgoyne, Everett
Burnett, Leo
Buson, Michael
Buzon, Stephen
Cleveland, Grover
Combs, George
Conklin, Clyde
Conklin, Ervin
Conklin, Robert
Countryman, Norman
Deitz, DeForest, Jr.
Deitz, Herbert, Jr.
Deitz, Norma
Deitz, Robert
Deitz, Walter
Denecanl, J.
Dibble, Spencer
Domino, Fred
Ebel, Walter
Ecker, Ernest
Filkins, Clyde
Filkins, Thomas
Filkins, Warren
Fuller, Burton, Jr.
Furman, Arthur
Garvey, George
Gerry, Joseph
Giebitz, Henry
Giebitz, Paul
Giebitz, Robert
Gilbert, Charles
Gross, Herbert
Haluska, Frank
Haluska, John
Hammet, Stanley
Hart, Milton, Jr.
Hayden, Thomas
Hempstead, Arthur
Hempstead, Leo
Hill, Joseph
Hill, Leroy
Hoelser, Edmund
Holmberg, John
Holmberg, Theodore
Johnson, Edward
Jones, Charles, Jr.
Jones, Frances
Jones, Robert
Keetney, Anthony
Kinnaird, Frank
Lendrum, Frederick
Mangan, John
Mangan, Michael
Mangan, Robert
Mangan, Thomas
Maslowski, Roland
Mattice, Earl
Mattice, Richard
Mattice, Wallace
McCauley, Frederick
Miller, Chester D.
Milner, Issac
Northrup, Harold
O'Brien, John
O'Brien, Leo
O'Kesson, William
Parsons, Frederick
Pitcher, Harry
Porter, Harmon
Porter, Harold
Rapp, Arthur
Rapp, Edward
Remley, Frank
Roney, William
Schaffer, Arthur
Schoonmaker, Walter
Simons, Van
Smith, Charles
Smith, Melvin
Sisson, Read, MD
Skinner, Allen
Snyder, Donald
Swart, Henry
Swint, Giles
Swint, James
Swint, William
Taber, Lloyd
Teeling, Ruth
Tefft, Robert
Tompkins, Edgar
Tompkins, Sherman
Van Denburgh, Arnold
Van Denburgh, Donald
Warner, Albert
Warner, Frances
Warner, Frank
Way, Harvey, Jr.
Wideman, Vincent
Willsey, Clyde
Willsey, Warren
Worner, C. F.
Wright, Milton

The names have been alphabetized by surname.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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