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Honor Roll: Craven County (North Carolina) Honor Rolls

New Bern, North Carolina, located at the confluence of the Neuse and Trent rivers, was first settled by Swiss and German Palatine immigrants in 1710. It later became the first permanent seat of colonial government in North Carolina. Tyron Palace, the British royal governor's mansion was completed in 1770. After the Revolutionary War, New Bern was named the state capital. In the 1800s, it was the largest city in the state, developed on the trade of goods and slaves.

Tryon Palace; courtesy of Tryon Palace

New Bern is now the county seat for Craven County. The court house is located at 302 Broad Street. On the grounds of the courthouse are several monuments, including two honor rolls.

Craven County World Wars Honor Roll; personal

Sacred to the memory of Craven County dead
01 World War No. 1 & 2

World War [Note: This is World War I]
Adams, Danie
Bennett, J. F.
Civils, Ben O.
Daughterty, J.E.
Daughtery, John C.
Donnerson, W. Van
Evans, John
Everington, D. R.
Havens, Alonza
Hawkins, Raymond
Henry, Castello
Hill, James Arthur
Ipock, Jodie
Jenkins, Emmett
Lancaster, H. L.
Mitchell, William R.
Parrot, Sam
Price, William G.
Rea, Kenneth
Rowe, Deppe
Skinner, George T.
Spruill, Joe
Stallings, Wyatt
Stilley, Bert
Tilley, F. L.
Toler, W. H.
Weatherly, W. J.
Wilson, George Felton, Jr.
Wise, Sherman

World War II
Allen, Moses
Ballenger, Clyde A., Jr.
Banks, Leroy T.
Bland, Jesse M.
Bowden, Edward Daniel
Caton, Francis C.
Caton, James H.
Cherry, Julian C.
Cleve, Wallace R.
Conderman, Robert J.
Connor, Woodrow W.
Cook, Charles E.
Coward, Radford
Daughtery, David L.
Daugherty, Marcus Cicero
Dill, Hal L.
Faulkner, Thomas D.
Hardison, Charles W.
Hardison, James R.
Harper, Joe N.
Hawkins, James Cleveland
Heath, Guion V.
Herring, Elvin Allen
Herring, Harvey V.
Herring, W. Toler
Ipock, George Alfred
Jackson, Solomon Claudius
Jones, Walter F.
Jones, Walter Ralph
Laughinghouse, Ed S.
Lewis, James J.
Manning, Carl L.
Marshburn, Clennie
Mason, Charles Percy
Meadows, Wade, Jr.
Mills, Paul F.
Mills, Sam N.
Mitchell, William M.
Moore, Hardy Perry
Morris, Richard Gray
Patterson, Donald F., Jr.
Peek, Douglas
Pipkin, George Phillip, Jr.
Powles, John M.
Rouse, Joseph
Ryman, Donald Ivar
Simmons, Furnifold M.
Smith, Ben L.
Stallings, Joe
Stapleford, Richard
Tilghman, H. Edward
Tolar, Ollen B.
Tripp, Zeb, Jr.
Wetherington, Harold
Wetherington, Thomas
Whitehurst, Henry Purefoy, Jr.
Williams, Wilbur, Slade
Willis, Fred P.

NOTE: The names on this memorial have been alphabetized.

Craven County Korea, Vietnam, War on Terrorism Honor Roll; personal

Erected in honor and memory of the men and women who served in defense of our nation.
Erected by the Craven Count Veterans Council

Brinson, Ephrian L.
Fenner, James H.
Jones, Lisburn H.
Lamar, Thomas C.
Lupton, Leo
Mumford, Erwin R.
Taylor, William R.
Wade, John G.
Wright, C. W., Jr.

Colglazier, Donald Robert
Davis, Kinsey Arthur
Faulkner, James Thomas
Gaskins, Darrell Frederick
Johnson, Jack Daniel
Lovelace, Charles Kennedy
Martin, Frederick L.
Sexton, Clarence Lee
Toler, Stanley Gray
Tyndall, John Harvey, Jr.
Wilson, Woodrow

War on Terrorism (Persian Gulf)
Underwood, Reginald C.
Ware, Bobby M.

War on Terrorism (Iraq)
Simmons, Leonard II
Jewell, Steven R.

War on Terrorism (Afghanistan)
Honaker, Christopher S.

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