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Honor Roll: City of Pittsfield (Massachusetts) Civil War Honor Roll

Pittsfield is the county seat of Berkshire County, Massachusetts, the westernmost county in the commonwealth and it is a short but scenic 45-minute drive from the outskirts of Albany, New York, where my husband works two weeks out of every month.

In the center of town is the Memorial Park at the intersection of South, North, East and West Streets. At each end of the park is a memorial.

Pittsfield Soldiers Monument, Pittsfield, Massachusetts; personal collection

The front, or west, facade includes the following inscription:

For the dead
A tribute.
For the living
a memory.
For prosterity
an emblem
of loyalty to the flag
of their country.

The rear, or east, facade includes the following inscription:

With grateful recognition
Of the services of all her
Who upheld the honor and
Integrity of our beloved
The town of
Erects this monument in
Loving Memory of those
Who died that the
Might live

The north and south facades include the names of Civil War soldiers from Pittsfield, who died during that war:

Pittsfield Civil War Honor Roll Plaque; personal collection

2nd Regiment
Mullany, Michael
Robbins, Charles W.

8th Regiment
Broad, Charles C.'Morgan, Daniel S.

10th Regiment
Burbank Samuel D.
Cassidy, James
Corliss, Richard S.
Duffee, Thomas
Grippen, Nelson N.
Harris, Charles, F., Jr.
Hemenway, Alfred C.
Heminway, Haskel
Hibbard, Gardner B.
Hogan, Michael
Noble, Henry
Ryan, Richard

20th Regiment
Lt. Lansing E. Hibbard

Bates, Oliver S.
Carough, James
Francis, Jonathan
Goodwin, Charles
Kelly, George F.
Merchant, John
Morey, James K.
Noble, Wilbur
Sloan, John A.

21st Regiment
Capt. William H. Clark

Chamberlain, Henry F.
Cressy, Justin S.
Garlick, Evelyn A.
Jarvis, George W.
McIntosh, Hobart R.
Menton, George E.
Wright, Samuel
Woodworth, Charles L.

27th Regiment
Bentley, James S.
Bolic, David
Davis, Charles H.
Donlin, James
Goddit, Joseph
Merry, Willard L.
Monnier, William H.
Wilbur, Eleazar
Williams, James
Wilson, John

31st Regiment
Capt. William W. Rockwell
Daily, Louis H.
Holder, Henry
Quigley, Edward E.
Martin, George L.
Ross, John B.
Tute, James
Harrington, Jonathan F., Jr.

Other Regiments
Shepardson, Charles M.
Kellogg, Byron, W.
Johnson, Isaac

Pittsfield Civil War Honor Roll Plaque; personal

34th Regiment
Lt. James L. Dempsey

Casey, John
Clark, Noah A.
Dill, Charles H.
Donnelly, William E.
Fairbanks, Edgar P.
Grady, John
Harned, Nelson
Leeson, Thomas
Shaw, John

37th Regiment
Blood, Miles H.
Hooker, Oliver C.
Hussey, Patrick
Reinhart, Robert

39th Regiment
Hemenway, Elbert O.

49th Regiment
Bull, James B.
Davis, Luther M.
Dewey, Allen M.
Jones, Seth R.
Joyner, Daniel M.
Noble, Samuel G.
Platt, Charles E.
Taylor, William
Videtto, Charles F.

54th Regiment
Bird, Levi
Franklin, Eli
Van Blake, John
Wilson, Henry

57th Regiment
Bourne, George H.
Daniels, Chester H.
Daniels, Lowell
Danyon, Horace
Hodge, George H.
Monney, Peter
Thornton, Patrick
Tyler, Lester

61st Regiment
Beebe, Thomas D.
Mallison, Martin F.

1st Regiment Cavalry
Chapman, Charles T.
Gray, Hiram S.
Hanly, Michael
Hills, John F.
Ober, John P.
Roberts, Edward O.
Taylor, Giles

3rd Regiment Cavalry
Ollinger, Charles
Pritchard, Allen

2nd BL [illegible]
Reardon, Timothy

Other Regs.
Capt. Henry H. Sears

Donahue, James
Smith, John W.

Names have been alphabetized by surname within the regiment headings.

This post was written as a contribution to the Honor Roll Project, which was created by Heather Wilkinson Rojo, author of Nutfield Genealogy.

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